Classical Theory And Scientific Management Theory

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In the beginning of the twenty century, classical management theory was proposed. This classical management theory maintains labours’ high level specialization, centralized decision making, as well as maximize profit. ( ) The main two thoughts of classical theory are bureaucracy and scientific management. Nowadays some people argue that the classical management theory is no longer suitable for modern world and they are outmoded because of the business environment has changed. This management theory is not that feasible since it is inflexible and dehumanized which should be modified. However, there is another voice that classical management theory is the foundation of numerous modern management methods, so it is not out of date and it just need some improvement. The aim of this essay is to discuss two kinds of classical theory bureaucracy and scientific management theory and demonstrate that they are not out of date and they develop into the cornerstone of some modern management theories.
There are two types of business environment - internal and external environment. As for internal environment, it includes some factors within the boundaries of the organization or specific decision unit that are taken directly into consideration in the decision-making behavior of individuals in that system.

And external environment includes some factors outside the boundaries of
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