Classical Theory: Cesane Beccaria and Jeremy Bentham

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Crime have existed over many centuries, different eras affect the flow of crime and within those eras. Furthermore amongst individuals, there was different way of thinking into how to reduce and eliminate occurred. The act of crime cannot be eliminated, as different individuals have different perspectives of crime and for theses reasons, have different methods of advocating and eliminating crime. This essay will firstly explore the views of Classical Theory, by looking at Cesane Beccaria, the father of Classical theory and Jeremy Bentham, the founder of Utilitarian and explore how there influences are incorporated into laws and regulations, around the world. Secondly, Positivism theory explores the biological, psychological and environment…show more content…
Like Beccaria, he heavily disagreed with capital punishment and focused more on the Utilitarianism theory. This theory focuses on the happiness of greater society and for this reason, focuses on the idea that every crime is harmful towards society and every punishment should be equal depending on the criminal offence. Bentham strongly advocated the idea that every criminal should be punished with imprisonment. In doing so, he structure ‘The Panopticon’, a form of prison cell, this design was to make sure every offender, placed in a room without being able to see outside. Once the criminal is imprisoned, security guards will watch every single movement they make, without their knowledge. Although his exact vision and usage of ‘The Panopticon’ was not built, the ideology of imprisonment and being watched is used in present day society. This can be shown in Victoria, Australia’s Serious Sex Offenders (Detention and Supervision) Act 2009 (Vic), where sex offenders are placed in a prison cell away from other offenders and will be under constant super vision. This idea of imprisoning criminals, have successful rates in reducing crime and prove the intent of acting out the crime, however the police focuses more on those offenders who are likely and have committed crime multiple times, leaving newly offenders to get away with

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