Classical Utilitarianism Is Better Than The Other Ethical Theories

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This paper argues that Classical Utilitarianism is better than the other ethical theories. The reasons why I think Classical Utilitarianism is better is because I agree with the fact that happiness is defined as pleasure, and when you decrease the bad things in life like unhappiness and pain your life will be better. I also think you should do what makes you happy, the less negative things in your life, the healthier you will be. Utilitarian believe that the purpose of morality is to make life better by increasing the amount of good things and decreasing the bad things like unhappiness and pain. Moral rightness is defined in terms of what produces the most good, or pleasure over pain. Happiness is the ultimate good. Happiness is defined…show more content…
John Stuart Mill adjusted the more hedonistic tendencies in Bentham 's philosophy by emphasizing. It is not the quantity of pleasure, but the quality of happiness that is central to utilitarianism. The calculus is unreasonable qualities cannot be quantified. Utilitarianism refers to " the Greatest Happiness Principle" it seeks to promote the capability of achieving happiness for the most amount of people. Kant last example was helping others, it was the act of giving nothing to charity. Let everyone be as happy as Heaven pleases, or as he can make himself; I will take nothing from him nor even envy him, only I do not wish to contribute anything to his welfare or to his assistance in distress. Although it is possible that a universal law of nature might exist in agreement with that maxim, it is impossible to will that such a principle should have the universal power of a law of nature. For a will which resolved this would deny itself, in as much as many cases might occur in which one would have need of the love and sympathy of others, and in which, by such a law of nature, jumped from his own will, he would deprive himself of all hope of the help he desires. Aristotle takes the key to morality to be the concept of “virtue,” which he argues to be activity in accordance with rational principles. He bases this argument on a concept of what is “natural” for man, but his discussion is clearly limited to a small class of Greek male citizens, whom he views as the

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