Classification And Interpretation Of Information

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Definition 1 Research (Text Book) = The systematic collection and interpretation of information with a clear purpose, to find things out (Saunders, Lewis, & Thornhill, 2009)
Definition 2 Research (Internet) = The strict definition of scientific research is performing a methodical study in order to prove a hypothesis or answer a specific question (Shuttleworth, 2008)
Definition 3 Research (Oxford Dictionary) = The systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions (Oxford Dictionaries) Critical analysis of each definition
Similarities are: All the definitions involve systematic study, collection and interpretation of information
Differences are: The Text book and Oxford Dictionary definitions are of Induction methodology, while the Internet definition is of Deduction methodology
Conclusion is: Though the definitions may differ, they all suggest that for either finding new things out or to prove a hypothesis, a systematic study is essential.

Which Definition do you think is suitable for hospitality industry? I think the application of a definition varies from situation to situation. Hospitality is a huge industry and situation arising will be different across all the levels. Hence, it would be difficult to suggest a definition for the whole hospitality industry.

2 b. The relationship between research and problem solving is;

Applied research is usually conducted to discover new findings to help…
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