Classification And Interpretation Of Research

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Task 2 Research theory
2a. 3 definitions of research are:
Definition 1 Research =The systematic collection and interpretation of data or information with the clear purpose to find out the things (Saunders, lewis, & Thornhill, research methods for business students, 2009).
Definition 2 Research =The work undertaken in an systematic order to increase the stock of knowledge to devise new applications (Manual, 2012).
Definition 3 Research =The blueprint for fulfilling research objectives and answer the questions (Cooper & Schindler, 2013).

critical analysis of each definition
Similarities are: Data collection, result finding.
Differences are: It can be in systematic way or the person who is doing research, by his way.
Conclusion is: The definition are written in different ways but the meanings are same.

2b. The relationship between research and problem solving is; :-The relationship here is that if problems in a particular firm or organisation arises it has to be solved through the process of research to find out where the problem are and recommend various ways to solve the problems (Saunders, Lewis, & Thornhill, Research methods for Business students, 2009).

2c. The relationship between ethics and tourism and hospitality research is :-The ethics are important in tourism and hospitality research, some ethics are related with hospitality and tourism research such as honesty with your staff or co-workers for searing information to avoid…
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