Classification And Taxonomy Of The World

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All organism are classified into a group that makes them easier to memorize and identify. With more than eight million species that are known through the world, it is important to know how to identify each organism so we can build on our knowledge on how these live. With this knowledge in mind, scientists wanted to create a system for the sole purpose of making classification an easier task. This is how classification and taxonomy, the process of grouping and naming organism, was established. However, both classification and taxonomy have very important rules and guidelines that were established for making the system as perfect as possible as well as the certain standards in every category of taxonomy. Classification is the process in which scientists group organisms based on their appearance, traits and other factors. Classification makes it easier to identify organisms throughout the world, prevents confusion from different names, and allows for better comparisons between two different organisms. Aristotle was a Greek philosopher who was the first to group organisms into plants and animals. He also grouped organisms based on their method of movement: land movement, sea movement and flying. Taxonomy is the science of grouping organisms into multiple arrangements based on their characteristics. Carl Linnaeus is thought to be the father of taxonomy, however, unlike Aristotle, he was able to group organisms further starting with “Kingdoms”, which was then grouped again into
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