Classification And The Descriptive Terms

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The classification and the descriptive terms employed in the present work with some modifications, follows that Peck (1957) and Grambast (1974 & 1975) for Clavatoraceans as well as the more recently modified classification proposed by Martin –Closas (1989), Martin –Closas & Salas (1994), that subsequently published by Schudack (1993a, 2011, 2012). The following systematic record includes 21 charophyte species belonging to 6 genera and 4 families. Most of these species have been reported previously from other areas in the numerous studies that have been carried during the last two decades on the Mesozoic charophytes flora of Europe. In the following treatment, only the main morphological features and measurements of the examined taxa are recorded, additionally local and worldwide stratigraphic ranges are also discussed. Division Charophyta Migula, 1890. Class Charophyaceae G. M. Smith, 1938. Order Charales Richard in Kunth, 1815. Family Porocharaceae Grambast, 1962. Subfamily Porocharoideae Grambast, 1961. Genus Porochara Mädler, 1955 emended, Schudack, 1986 Porochara fusca (Mädler, 1952) Mädler, 1955 Pl. 2, fig. 4 1955. Porochara fusca (Mädler ). – Mädler, p.56, fig. 3. 1993a. Porochara fusca (Mädler) Mädler – Schudack, p.50, pl. 2, figs 1- 4. 1993b. Porochara fusca (Mädler) Mädler - Schudack, p. 223, figs 3 – 6, pl. 1, fig.1. 1996a. Porochara fusca (Mädler) Mädler - Schudack, pl. 1, fig. 1. 1998. Porochara fusca (Mädler) Mädler -
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