Classification Between The Objects Is Easy Task For Humans

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Classification between the objects is easy task for humans but it has proved to be a complex problem for machines. The raise of high-capacity computers, the availability of high quality and low-priced video cameras, and the increasing need for automatic video analysis has generated an interest in object classification algorithms. A simple classification system consists of a camera fixed high above the interested zone, where images are captured and consequently processed. Classification includes image sensors, image preprocessing, object detection, object segmentation, feature extraction and object classification. Classification system consists of database that contains predefined patterns that compares with detected object to classify in to proper category. Image classification is an important and challenging task in various application domains, including biomedical imaging, biometry, video surveillance, vehicle navigation, industrial visual inspection, robot navigation, and remote sensing. Fig. 1.1 Steps for image classification Classification process consists of following steps a) Pre-processing- atmospheric correction, noise removal, image transformation, main component analysis etc. b) Detection and extraction of a object- Detection includes detection of position and other characteristics of moving object image obtained from camera. And in extraction, from the detected object estimating the trajectory of the object in the image plane. c) Training: Selection of the
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