Classification: Drivers

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Topic: Personalities of Annoying Drivers

Concept: The different types of drivers you find on the road.

First classification/division: ‘White Knuckled drivers’ Older drivers

No speed- choose to go at least 10 mph under the speed limit Gripping tightly to the wheel- giving the white knuckle look, holding on dear life Over cautious- most elderly people drive extremely cautiously Cars- usually drive older styled boats

Second classification/division: Speed Demons

Can’t Keep Up- choose not to pay attention to the speed limit what so ever Reckless-stay out of their way because they don’t stop for anything Cars-most drivers like this have cars that can handle their driving preferences

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If you see them driving on the road, they are probably swerving around trying to stay on the road because they can’t manage two things at once. Most of the time on the interstate you will find them cruising along at about 50 in the fast lane, blocking traffic due to the fact they are oblivious that they are going under the speed limit. When they are in a city traffic setting, often times they will run red lights, and make other fatal traffic errors. They would be decent drivers, if the distractions were removed from the car! Different drivers have different personalities, and these were just some of the most annoying ones I have found. Having such people on the roads though makes driving scary. You never know what may happen next.

Annoying Driver Personalities-FINAL

During daily driving everyone experiences different situations, and types of drivers. There are many different types of drivers, and most of them have no distinct characteristics. Then, there are the types of drivers that everyone can relate to seeing. Usually once in a drivers day they can say that they have been caught up in one of the following types of driver situations. My favorite kind of driver and the type that aggravates me the most are the slow elderly type. They can be found going at least 10 miles per hour under the speed limit, thus creating a traffic flow issue. I don’t recommend speeding over the speed limit, but going under the speed limit is ridiculous. Often times this kind
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