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What Are Aircraft? Everyone has seen a jet streaking across the sky leaving a trail of vapor as it goes. Maybe you have heard the distinct thud, thud, thud as a helicopter slows in its descent. You have probably marveled at a plane so massive that it seems to just hang in the air by some invisible force. These wonderful marvels of human engineering have captured the hearts of many. They are known the world over as aircraft. But what is an aircraft? Aircraft’s are comprised of many different things and fly in many different ways but they all have one very distinct thing in common with one another. They carry passengers through the air. A jet can be defined as an aircraft because it carries passengers through the air. Jets are composed of…show more content…
Gliders look very similar to airplanes with a spinning prop, but there are two things that you would know were different just by looking at it. There is no engine and the wings are incredibly massive, spanning 3 to 4 times greater than a conventional airplane. Gliders achieve lift by doing exactly what the name entails, it glides. With no prop, or jet engine, gliders travel through the air propelled by the wind itself. They are usually launched from a relatively high altitude off the side of a mountain, where they can catch updrafts and drift silently through the air. Even with these very distinct differences gliders are still aircraft. They carry passengers through the air. Now let us look at something that resembles none of the above; the helicopter. Helicopters are also aircraft. Even though they look absolutely nothing like a jet or an airplane they still carry passengers through the air. Helicopters have three main features that allow them to fly. The fuselage allows the helicopter to carry its passengers. The main rotor creates lift and allows the pilot to steer by changing the blade angles. And the tail rotor: which negates the torque created by the main rotor. It all comes together and allows us to fly, making it an aircraft. And finally the most unlikely aircraft, the hot air balloon. Hot air balloons are also defined as an aircraft. Hot air balloons have only one thing in common with the rest of these examples. They carry
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