Classification Essay: Computer Users

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We all have at least one person in our life that is crazy about computers… the sound of the keyboard typing away throughout all hours of the night. With the advanced technology society has brought us, it is a normal occurrence in your typical household. Since the computer has become so accessible to mostly everyone, life has become much easier for humans. What would we do without the Internet? You can find information on any topic you choose, from the click of a button or two, right at your fingertips. You can communicate with others from across the globe, or even look up movie times at your local movie theatre. Maybe you just want to get lost in a good videogame. With the computer taking over our daily lives, everyone takes advantage of…show more content…
Some prefer the option of emails over using the telephone or instant messaging. Many will give out their emails to stores or businesses so they can be added to that businesses mailing list to receive various emails about coupons or special offers. The emailers will jump with joy over an unread email in their inbox because they are so excited to reply to the sender. They will be more than happy to reply, just to have that satisfaction of receiving an email. For some included in this category of computer users, they use email to keep in touch with distant relatives whom they do not often see. Not only used for personal issues; the emailers have also depended on the email for their career. Many will send out emails to colleagues to keep in touch with what the daily schedule includes. Emailers spend most of their time on the computer replying and writing new messages to certain individuals. Many of my friends are serious gamers. They have all the game systems from Xbox to Playstation to Wii. Some computer users spend all of their time playing games. These are the people who stay up to till dawn shooting and dodging bullets from other people on the Internet. “Gamers” tend to get addicted to games; the first things they do when they get on the computer are check for people playing online or start new games to play. Most of these gamers even have all the accessories for the whole
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