Classification Essay - Four Types of Children

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I have had the luck of being the oldest of my mothers’ seven children, and the pleasure of having three of my own, and one step-son. I’ve spent a lot of time changing diapers, wiping noses, and kissing ouchies. I’ve carried babies on my hip that I’ve seen off to kindergarten, helped dressed for the first school dance, attended their graduation, and even been there when they have had their first baby. I have spent a lot of time analyzing their behavior, moods, or lack thereof. I’ve concluded that there are 4 types of children, I have been blessed with one of each. The 4 different types are: The Superstar, The Kool Kat, The Lil’ Mama or Little Man (depending on the sex of the child), and The Rebel. First we have The Superstar. They have…show more content…
You took a nap, a shower, and this baby is still sleeping. Every time you go into the day care center this Kool Kat is kicked back in the corner on the bean bag chair. School does not start off well. Your kid sings, and sleeps in class, but still don’t know their A B C ‘s. The sixth grade dance is the coolest thing going for this character. Their biggest dilemma is who to go with. Nothing gets done at home. You find smooth asleep every time the chores are assigned. Sixteen is worth a thousand words. Clothes take to much time, but cars, now your speaking their language. Your Kool Kat said after having the second wreck and totaling the second car, “I’m real sorry, man that sucks. When you guys going to get me another one.” Afterwards, when you pick up your new prescription for blood pressure medicine you might as well add it to the budget. You will probably be refilling this prescription at least until graduation. When graduation does arrive, you are informed that borrowing the money from you to open their own business sounds better than college. After some careful consideration you decide to discuss these business plans, while hinting that a small business would probably thrive in a bigger city. Third is our Lil’ Mama’s or Little Men. They tend to follow you from infancy. Even their sleeping pattern will mock yours. You might find this baby watching your every move all the time. Day care is the greatest time for this child. Every afternoon your ride home
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