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Being a student in today’s society holds an immense amount of pressure to do one thing: graduate. Thirteen years of school prepare students for the next major steps of their lives. Every student faces many struggles and frustrations before graduation day arrives. One may be able to surmise a few details about a student before they put pencil to paper or even speak. One can also make assumptions about a student based on his or her seating position. Motivation, determination, and concentration will establish a student’s amount of success. The three categories of high school students are underachievers, average students, and overachievers. The first category of students is the underachievers, or the back row. These students lack the…show more content…
Choosing not to make any extra effort, they receive average grades and maintain average attendance. They may not stand out in class, but their work is always completed. These students view extra credit opportunities as a waste of time. These mediocre scholars are also the ones who believe that Wikipedia is among the greatest inventions of all time, while is not. Students who contain these characteristics make up the most common category. The final group of students are the overachievers. They sit prim and proper in the front row raising their eager hands. These workaholics are the ones whom teachers adore and whom fellow students despise. They often exceed the expectations of any teachers. They constantly work hard and are active in class. They take notes verbatim of what the teacher says, excel in group discussions, and much to the demise of the other students, raise the academic bar to an unattainable level. Although they are not often the greatest athletes, or the best at communicating with the opposite gender, they separate themselves with their cerebral work ethic. These scholars find reading entertaining, and would much rather solve a Rubik’s cube than run a mile. One of them will be inevitably become Valedictorian, and will give a speech at the podium come graduation day. When analyzing these students, one could be looking at future doctors, engineers, and various activists.
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