Classification : Learning Disability / Adhd Primary Language

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INDIVIDUAL EDUCATION PROGRAM (IEP) Student 's Name: Doe, John ID Number: 123456789 School District: Bishop Garrigan High School Grade: 9 Classification: Learning Disability/ ADHD Primary Language: English Age: 15 Date of Birth: 1/02/20000 I. Signature of Participants in Attendance at IEP Meeting Parent _____________________ Special Ed. Teacher _________________________ Parent _____________________ Regular Ed. Teacher _________________________ Student _____________________ District Representative _______________________ II. Student 's Strengths: John is able to work quietly and independently once he knows what to do. He cooperates and interacts well with his peers with supervision. He remains calm and in control…show more content…
John’s mother is aware that his low self-concept, anxiety and depression are all associated with his learning disabilities. (Elbaum & Vaughn, 2003; Hutchinson, Freeman & Berg, 2004) She would like assignments and lessons presented to John to be structured and clearly presented, also she requests that the lessons be adapted to his level of ability yet helps him build skills and feel successful. John’s mom also knows that John is easily frustrated and can become resistant and argumentative. John’s frustration causes him to shut down and is often resistant to rules, authority and instruction. He also is easily distracted, unorganized and forgetful. IV. Current Levels of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance Since the goal is to keep John in the least restrictive environment yet ensure John is working to his ability and instruction is accommodated to fit his needs. In order to ensure John’s reading comprehension, written language, math abilities and frustration levels are monitored, he will be given additional assistance from the resource room for English, Science, Math and Social Studies. Including individually administered tests, including setting and time accommodations, assistance with directions, use of assistive technologies, and revisions of the test formats. (Elliot, Kratochwill & Schulte, 1998; Feldman, Kim & Elliot, 2011) John will be encouraged to take PE and art, as these are great outlets for John to be able to use his energetic
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