Classification : Learning Disability / Adhd Primary Language

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Student 's Name: Doe, John ID Number: 123456789
School District: Bishop Garrigan High School Grade: 9
Classification: Learning Disability/ ADHD Primary Language: English
Age: 15 Date of Birth: 1/02/20000
I. Signature of Participants in Attendance at IEP Meeting
Parent _____________________ Special Ed. Teacher _________________________
Parent _____________________ Regular Ed. Teacher _________________________
Student _____________________ District Representative _______________________
II. Student 's Strengths:
John is able to work quietly and independently once he knows what to do. He cooperates and interacts well with his peers with supervision. He remains calm and in control of his temper, with frequent reminders. He is creative, and enjoys drawing. John recognizes when students are being kind, include him, he enjoys cooperative learning and has s sense of humor. He learns much more if the lessons are presented visually or he is given the opportunity for hands on activities. John seems to enjoy writing and journaling, he is able to use this as a way to express himself and communicate with others.
III. Student and Parent Comments, Needs or Concerns:
John’s father is not currently involved in his life. John’s mother is a very supportive and concerned parent. She is aware that John struggles to read, write and do math. She is also concerned with John’s social-emotional problems, low self-esteem, low…
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