Classification Of A Person Perceives Information Depends On The Delivery And Perception Of The Learner

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Course Requirement for
Deed 600: Advanced Studies of the Developmental Learner

ATI vs CTI vs Traditional
Tameka Miller

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Dr. Reubenson Wanjohi
September 13, 2015

The way a person perceives information depends on the delivery and perception of the learner. The awareness of instruction makes me think about my education as a child, how my teachers would give us a workbook to work problems. Everything seemed so “one size fits all.” The teacher would read directly from a script, and day after day the same routine. Even the way my parents presented consequence or chores to my siblings and I seemed traditional. It was not until the late 90’s, when I was in high school that I saw my teachers have their own diversified
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This approach looks at the individual differences, educator awareness to the learners learning capability, and gives a model to follow when considering these differences. ATI is a research methodology that explores interactions between alternative aptitudes (Cronbach & Snow, 1969), attributes (Tobias, 1976), or traits (Berliner & Cahen, 1973) and alternative instructional methods. This type of treatment interaction coincides with the taxonomy of different learning task and outcomes. On the other hand, CTI is used to look at various types of intellectual processes. To directly define intellect is in the eyes of the beholder, like being able to speak a foreign language or unlock a rubrics cube. Jonassen and Grabowski described it as constituent mental abilities, both primary and secondary. They also, suggest that in order to get the outcome that supports knowledge or skill acquisition one should use task applications. The traditional approach is the most utilized type on instruction as the board for primary and secondary education. This approach consists of preplanned lessons and workbooks from a pre-paced curriculum for primary students; while secondary students learn using lectures and note taking.
At the same time, both ATI and Traditional approach have their limitations. As a special education teacher the traditional approach does not address the various abilities there are to learning. I often see in the inclusion setting my students, as well as, other
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