Classification Of Rape : Article Review

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Classification of Rape: Article Review
Natalie Romero
SYG 2000
“Preferred Labels and Penalties for Forced Sexual Intercourse”
Robert T. Sigler
International Journal of the Sociology of Law (1995)

The definition of rape is still debated in today’s society. Considering this, it’s not hard to believe there was confusion around the 1990s, when rape had just begun gaining importance. The new emphasis on rape and sexual assault can be tied to the emerging feminist movement. Date rape was a term coined in the 1980s vaguely used to describe rape between acquaintances or rape occurring between two individuals who have been on a date. The term “acquaintances” was interpreted differently across the nation, therefore making it difficult to have a basic protocol for punishment. Furthermore, because some interpreted date rape differently than others (acquaintance rape or rape between people who have been on a date), there was confusion regarding what serious or legitimate rape was. Preferred Labels and Penalties for Forced Sexual Intercourse revolves around the different classifications of rape and the legal approach to them by different college students. Using this sample, Robert T. Sigler finds trends in the classification of rape and the appropriate punishment within the framework of gender and fraternity or sorority affiliation.
Over time, attitude towards rape (or forced sexual intercourse) has changed greatly. By the 1990s, rape had generally gained importance and…

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