Classification Of Strategies Into Grand Strategies Essay

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Some of the strategies, formulated (recommended) in the previous tool (tool 14), were formed by combining two or more similar strategies (they required similar process/actions or they had similar or complementary outcomes). These strategies will have multiple, complex, and a different degree of impacts on product, market, and organization. Hence, in some cases, the same strategy may fall under two or more grand strategies. This is natural and a sign of a good strategy in a sense that a defensive strategy also works as an offensive strategy or a reactive strategy will do the job of a proactive strategy when/where a change in market or competitive environment (industry structure) requires the company to change the degree of aggressiveness. Exhibit 31 Classification of Strategies into Grand Strategies Final List of Consolidated Strategies Grand Strategies 1 Extend business in new territories in emerging markets like China, India, and Turkey; and European markets such as Germany, the U.K., Italy, and France through acquisitions (or internal development)/Acquire efficient transportation service providers in markets with high growth-high share (Star). Market Development (E)/ Direct Investment (A) 2 FOCUS MARKETING EFFORTS ON GAINING A LARGER SHARE IN RETAIL E-COMMERCE SEGMENT BY PROVIDING A LOW COST OPTION OF SHIPPING FOR PRICE SENSITIVE CUSTOMERS, UTILIZING CURRENT DISTRIBUTION NETWORK (Key Strategy) Concentration (E) 3 Increase market share in ‘Supply Chain and Freight’
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