Classification Of The Soil Drainage Class

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Part 1
Question 1 – LENZ classification
LENZ classification- F7.1
Regional average elevation- 520m
Climate- Mild temperatures, high solar radiation, slight annual water deficits.
Landform- Undulating volcanic plateau.
Parent material- Rhyolitic rock
Question 2 – Soil types
Describe the main soil characteristics for the region including their soil texture, depth, plant available water and drainage.
Soil texture- The soil around the Taupo area is a sandy loam which is normally made up of sand along with varying amounts of silt and clay.
Soil depth- greater than one meter.
Plant available water- the profile of available water for soil depth of 0-100cm or to the root barrier is very high at 162.5 mm.
Drainage- The soil drainage class is well drained.
Question 3 – Land Evaluation, what it consists of, and what it is capably of
a) The land use capability classification (LUC) system has 8 classes, 1-4 is arable land, 5-8 is non arable and 8 is conservation. The higher the class the less versatile the land is. The majority of the land in the Taupo area is class 5-7 which is non arable and unsuitable for cropping but can be productive pastoral hill country, with class 7 having severe limitations. There is also some class 3 which is arable land with some limitations such as restricted crops that can be grown. There is also small amounts of conservation land which is class 8 and has severe to extreme limitations.
b) Currently the majority of land in the Taupo area is in planted…
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