Classification Of Wines Of Wine

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Classifications of Wines
Today, many different types of wine are sold in grocery stores and in specialty stores. Wine is made from grapes but not from the kind of grapes that can be found in stores where other fruit and produce is sold. It is made from grapes that are specifically cultivated to produce wine. These types of grapes have thicker skin and contain seeds. Even though there are several hundred, perhaps even a thousand different varieties of wine, there are basically two main groupings: single varietal and blends. There are also many styles of wine including: dessert wine, ice wine, rose’, sparking wine and table wine. Diverse wines are specifically produced from grapes grown in particular regions of the world. There are five basic characteristics in a wine. Alcohol content is another consideration for the quality in the produced wine. No matter which style, characteristic or variety, the division of wines into categories is not something that is learned overnight.
Main Varieties of Wine
Wine is made from grapes, which are fermented with different types of yeast. The yeast removes the sugar and produces alcohol. Single varietal wines are those made from only one type of grape. For example, pinot noir grapes produce pinot noir wine. Blended wines are those from which multiple types of grapes are used. For example, a Bordeaux Blend contains Bordeaux grapes, but also some other type of grape. The term “vintage” indicates by the year the wine is produced. If the grapes…

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