Essay on Classification and Division

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Jason Schaeffer English Comp 1 Fridays 1230 11/03/06 Classification and Division The video game industry is a multibillion dollar a year industry, so it isn't hard to understand why they go through great strides to protect their image. They provide entertainment to all ages, genders, nationalities, and ethnicities. Contrary to the opinions of the industries opponents, video games are not destroying our youth, they challenge, educate, and provide an escape from an oppressive world. There are four main types of video games; RPG or role-playing game, RTS or real-time strategy, FPS or first person shooter, and sports titles. Of these the FPS is probably the most popular, allowing people to get together with their friends, or go…show more content…
They must learn economics, politics, diplomacy, construction, military tactics, naval power, and siege tactics in order to survive for more than an hour of play. Rome: Total War has two different screens that a player must learn to master, the campaign map, where armies, navies, and diplomats are moved, and where cities are managed. Then there is the battle screen which changes every time a player attacks or defends a different location. It is on this screen that the game is truly won or lost. Gamers must fully understand the strengths and weaknesses of not only their units, but the units of their enemy. This is but one challenge for gamers, they must also learn how to confront elephants, chariots, siege weapons, and the naked fanatics of the Gauls. The next type of game is sports titles, which are probably the most popular for a group of people, rather than the individual gamer. Sports titles cover everything from football and baseball to golf and auto racing. These games are equally enjoyed by both players who are or were jocks, and for those who wish they were. A person learns the mechanics and intricacies, giving them a greater appreciation for the game overall. Sometimes the video game can create a fan of a sport where none existed before. It is obvious that video games are not all about sex, drugs and violence. While there are certain titles that are questionable, but most games are quite harmless. With school becoming less
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