Classification of Barbeque Styles

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The categories are North Carolina style, Kansas City style, Memphis style, Texas style, and St. Louis style. Each style is defined by the type of meat, the method of cooking, and the seasonings applied to the meat. Each style has a unique flavor which is determined by the factors mentioned above.

Classification of Barbecue Styles

North Carolina Style
Objective Characteristics
Whole hog (pork)
Cooked over open fire
vinegar red pepper black pepper sugar hot pepper
Subjective Characteristics
Kansas City Style
A. Objective Characteristics
All meats including fish and turkey
Smoked slowly over hickory
Subjective Characteristics
Best portions are burnt ends
Best sauce
Memphis style
A. Objective Characteristics
Any meat
No sauce (dry rub)
Slow smoked
Subjective Characteristics
Moist and delicious
Smoky flavor enhanced by dry rub
Texas Style
A. Objective Characteristics
Many meats but mainly beef brisket
Dry rub (no sauce)
Very slow smoked over pecan or mesquite
Pecan wood
Mesquite wood
Subjective Characteristics
Nothing better than barbecued beef brisket
Meat melts in the mouth
St. Louis Style A. Objective Characteristics
Mainly pork
Cooked directly over open flame
Tangy Sweet
Subjective Characteristics
Pork steak not right for barbecue
Not as flavorful Classification and Analysis

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