Classification of Literature

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CLASSIFICATIONs OF LITERATURE I. Divisions of Literature Literature Prose Poetry Fiction Nonfiction Dramatic Narrative Lyric Drama Short Story Novel Tale Fable Myth Legends Folktales Essay Biography Autobiography Diary History Chronicle News Anecdote Tragedy Comedy Opera Operetta Ballad Epic Metrical Tale Metrical Romance Ode Sonnet Song Elegy POINT OF COMPARISON | PROSE | POETRY | Form | Paragraph | Verse | Language | Words and rhythms of ordinary and everyday language | Metrical, rhythmical, figurative language | Appeal | Intellect | Emotions | Aim | Convince, Inform, Instruct | Stirs the readers imagination, present an ideal of how life should be and how life can be | A. Prose –is an ordinary form of written or…show more content…
-was made popular by a German writer, Michel Eyquiem de Montaigne in 1580. He published two volumes of his short compositions which he called “ESSAIS”. -Francis Bacon, the reputed Father of English Essay, write formal essays which were cold and objective. Two Major Types: a) Formal Essay –are usually serious and impersonal in tone. -they are written to inform or persuade, they are expected to be factual, logical, and tightly organized. -put emphasis on purpose and subject. b) Informal Essay –also called as Personal Essay. -generally reveal much about the personalities, mood, habits, likes, dislikes and feelings of their authors. -tend to be conversational in tone and looks into personal experiences and observations. 2. Biography –is a story of a person’s life narrated or written by another person. 3. Autobiography –is a story of a person’s life narrated or written by himself. 4. Diary –is a daily record of transactions, observations, and events. -is a type of writing that records daily personal reflections, feelings and 5. History –is a chronological account or record of significant events affecting a nation or institution. 6. Chronicle –is a record of a series of events or mere listing of what happened. It does not evidence, comments or reactions. 7. News–is an information about recent and important events or developments either printed in newspapers or broadcast by the media. | 8. Anecdote
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