Classification of Religions

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Religion is a set of beliefs, cultural system and worldviews that establish symbols that relate humanity to spirituality and to moral values. It defines who you are, what you are and your views about the world. It gives its followers guidelines which frames their actions, attitudes, cultures and belief.

There are more than four thousand religions in this world, however, most of them are not commonly known to world. Famous religions have been divided into three types:

1. Abrahamic Religions 2. Indian Religions 3. Iranian Religions

Abrahamic religions are the religions that
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The different types of Hinduism recognize different deities.
Hindus think that karma determines the cycle of life, or samsara, which is wrote of birth, mortality, and rebirth that the soul goes through repetitively. The oldest priestly texts of Hinduism are the Vedas, or Books of Knowledge. According to Hinduism, Brahman composed everything. Different breeds of Hinduism worship other deities, trusting that they hold attributes of Brahman. Hindus are generally separated into three communities according to the model of Brahman revered: worshippers of Vishnu the preserver, Shiva the destroyer, and the Mother Goddess. Vishnu, also paged Narayana, secures the universe and saves humans from disasters and oppression. He produces arrivals on Earth through his incarnations. Shiva is the destroyer, creator, and preserver, according to his avid followers. In the Hindu Trinity, he is the destroyer that possesses elements of good and evil. He is also coupled to fertility. The Mother Goddess is related with fertility and female energy in Hinduism.
Jainism is an ancient religion that believes that bliss can be achieved if one lives a harmless life. The religion does not depend on gods, but on the self. Therefore, Jainism is known as a self-help religion. There are two major divisions of Jains:
The Digambara sky clad and the Svetambara white clad. There are about 4.2 million followers of
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