Classification of Restaurant Customers Essay

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Restaurant Customers At some point in your life you will earn the responsibilities of server. A majority of you will spend your time serving customers in a restaurant setting, where you may be more commonly known as a waiter or waitress. Your customers belong to a special group of customers that can be broken down into five different types. These different types of customers each require an appropriate kind of service. The better you are at delivering the appropriate services the better server you will become and the more job satisfaction and tips you will receive. This is why it is important for you to know how to recognize what type of customer you are serving. The first type of restaurant customers you should get to know is…show more content…
They will tell you the food is cold or it doesn't taste right, the table is too big or too small, the silverware is dirty and maybe it's just a water spot, or the air conditioner is set too low, and any other complaint that they think is relevant. They are usually rude and cannot be pleased. You may notice that these persnickety customers tend to be older women. It is nearly impossible to please these people so don't take it personally. And even though you're praying that they leave soon, try just to smile, promptly get what they ask for and remember to always be polite. A further type of restaurant customers is the celebrators. These customers will usually be dining out for a special occasion. It could be a birthday, an anniversary, a victory or anything else they want to celebrate. These people are always in a great mood and especially easy to please. You should quickly find out what they are celebrating and act accordingly. Typically, restaurants will give a dessert for birthdays and anniversaries. At some restaurants, waiters and waitresses sing to the person with a birthday. This is a great way to increase your tip for this table. Be sure to make these customers feel special in whatever way you can. They will surely appreciate it and reward you appropriately. The final type of restaurant customer is the typical family. This is a group of usually two to six people, including both adults and children. Try to compliment the
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