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R E V I E W NAME____________________________________ LAB TIME/DATE _______________________ S H E E T EXERCISE 6A Print Form Classification of Tissues Tissue Structure and Function—General Review A group of cells similar in structure and function. 1. Define tissue. _______________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. Use the key choices to identify the major tissue types described below. Key: a. b c c, d a b d c b a a a d connective tissue b. epithelium c. muscle d. nervous tissue 1. lines body cavities and covers the body’s external surface 2. pumps blood, flushes urine out of the body,…show more content…
What are three general characteristics of connective tissues? __________________________________________________ . large amount of noncellular material called matrix between the cells. 12. What functions are performed by connective tissue? Protection, support, and the binding of other tissues of the body. 13. How are the functions of connective tissue reflected in its structure? The large amount of extracellular matrix provides strength to protect the body. 14. Using the key, choose the best response to identify the connective tissues described below. c a c f i b h d h i a 1. attaches bones to bones and muscles to bones 2. acts as a storage depot for fat 3. the dermis of the skin 4. makes up the intervertebral discs 5. forms the hip bone 6. composes basement membranes; a soft packaging tissue with a jellylike matrix 7. forms the larynx, the costal cartilages of the ribs, and the embryonic skeleton 8. provides a flexible framework for the external ear 9. firm, structurally amorphous matrix heavily invaded with fibers; appears glassy and smooth 10. matrix hard owing to calcium salts; provides levers for muscles to act on 11. insulates against heat loss 15. Why do adipose cells remind people of a ring with a single
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