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I have determined that there are three different types of zombie movie. First, the movies that showcase the slow, but still startling zombies, like Night of the Living Dead. Night’s “zombies are slow, the humans just get themselves into trouble by reacting stupidly, or not paying enough attention to the problem.” (G.A. Romero) Next, films like Shaun of the Dead, which portray the sometimes amusing but still creepy zombies. And finally, movies like Day of the Dead (2008) which introduce the completely terrifying, gravity-defying zombies. Night of the Living Dead presents zombies that move slowly but deliberately toward their ultimate objective which is filling their appetites for human flesh. Zombie movies of this type are the basis of…show more content…
Although Shaun can't bring himself to kill Ed, the danger his infected friend presents, is still clear when Shaun must chastise Ed for trying to bite his arm. Shaun’s zombies are provided with more of a human element, which lends more to the hilarity of the situation. ”In my mind they were us, we’ve just changed, that’s all.” (G.A. Romero) Seeing a zombie that is wearing a towel obviously stricken undead in the middle of a shower makes this type of movie funnier and more tragic at the same time. While humor is obviously present the gore zombie movies are famous for is also a key element. Zombie comedy is also shown in Zombieland, which is a laugh riot from beginning to end. From the main character’s list of “survival rules” which include always checking the backseat and being wary of bathrooms, the story is more about the humans that remain and their fight to stay human. Finally, the films that make you really fear zombies. Movies like Day of the Dead, (the 2008 remake, not G.A. Romero’s original) which portray zombies that seem to be aware of their surroundings and can do their own brand of problem solving. Day's zombies while still driven by the primal instinct of hunger, can figure out ways of getting to their prey that zombies in movies with less of a freak out factor do not even begin to grasp and plenty of blood

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