Classifications of Types of Friendships

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August 22, 2012
Classification of types of Friendships
Best Friends
Casual Relationships
Fair Weather Friends
Internet Friends
Open Relationships
Pen Pals
Soul Mates The word friend has been used as a verb in the English language since the early 15th Century. The term comes from German origin and has existed since the founding of Old English. The word friendship is one of its derivatives' that is used to indicate supportive and co-operative behavior between two or more persons. The term implies to persons in a relationship that involves mutual knowledge, esteem, affection, and respect. Along with a degree of providing services to
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A soul mate is someone people feel is the person who the stars and heavens, the Gods and the universe have planned to eventually meet and ultimately become partners in life. Persons who have found this type of friendship, are considered fortunate, and sometimes even envied by others. This friendship, yet again, comes from having a sense of mutual respect and esteem that is consistent with the definition of what friendships are based upon.
These are classifications most individuals are familiar with. Although there may be some that are not mentioned herein, there is enough of a variety to provide a sense of how one interprets the word friend.
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