Classify Types Of Drivers

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There are an estimated two-hundred and sixty million registered vehicles in the United States of America. Every one of these drivers has a unique background which shows through their different, and sometimes unbearable, driving habits. Although it can be hard, it is important to realize that you will not be the only person going out and driving today. One has to be cautious of others who may be driving poorly. More importantly, it is necessary for us to avoid those distracted drivers that seem to be inattentive and in “a world of their own” while attempting to drive.
Since receiving my driver’s license, I have noticed different types of drivers everywhere I go. These drivers appear everyday, no matter where you drive, and can either make or break your entire day. While the term “driver” can be applied to almost anyone operating a motor vehicle, the way a person drives often changes with age and experience. I am sure the types of drivers you have come across can be classified in one of these four categories: The neutral driver, the cautious drivers, the reckless drivers, and the unpredictable drivers. You may also classify yourself under one of these categories at one time or another.
The first category of drivers is the neutral driver. These neutral drivers attempt to go unnoticed by drivers around them and have a tendency to “go with
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At first, these drivers appear to be neutral drivers, unnoticeable and in a car that one would be content to follow. Suddenly, these so-called “neutral drivers” become unpredictable and may slow down to ten miles per hour below the speed limit. They may also speed up to ten miles per hour above the speed limit or higher, thereby becoming a reckless driver. The common culprit of unpredictable drivers include the “soccer mom/dad,” distracted by screaming children. This is also true of any other distracted or overwhelmed driver (i.e. those eating, texting,
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