Classifying Countries Of The Modern World

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Classifying Countries of the Modern World The ocean is a vast pool with many different kinds of fish, no fish is exactly the same. You can say the same about the countries of the world, but the best way to put all these countries into groups is by judging whether they are developed or developing. Countries develop at their own pace and geographers use the stage of their development to categorize them. For example, take Japan and Ghana. Both countries are very different in almost every aspect of life, Japan is a developed country, and Ghana is a developing country. Ghana differs from Japan in population and its growth, as Ghana has a younger population and more difficulties in maintaining the health of their population. Ghana also differs from Japan in its land use and agriculture by having more subsistence farming, while Japan concentrates more on commercial farming. Developed countries, such as Japan, have older and more stable populations than developing countries. One of the statistics that helps define the growth of a population is the total fertility rate(TFR) which is the number of children born per woman. Japan has a very low TFR of 1.4 births per woman which shows that Japan’s population is decreasing and will continue to decline because their TFR is well below replacement level. The replacement level fertility rate is 2.1 births per woman and would keep a population completely stable because it accounts for a man, a woman and a small percentage of people who don’t
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