Classism in "An Inspector Calls" Essay

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Although the author’s intention is to entertain the audience just like every play would, however he also isn’t just entertaining the audience because his intention shows that he is more interested in showing the audience about the structure of the class system. The play is set at the turn of the century and is centered on a wealthy family who are successful and prosperous at a time of poverty for many. They are oblivious to this, and given the fact that the play was written many years later the play contains much irony about the future, but not only does it make it question our history but also our future. An Inspector Calls is one of J.B Priestley’s plays which have many messages that are social and political, also this play has a …show more content…
He uses the Inspector as one of the most thought-provoking and mysterious characters that modern day literature has yet produced.
This inexplicable aspect contributes deeply to making the inspector a character that is rather interesting and perhaps supposedly a character that could have many different faces.

As a result of this, he creates big impressions and some how reveals all about the Birling family and Gerald Croft. He makes some of the characters realise what they are really like, and wrecks an evening of celebration. So, his role of the Inspector plays an important part in this play; he acts like a catalyst for the Birlings to change and also a bit like a mirror for us to examine our own consciences, however there is still the alternative viewpoint that he could be a time traveler this is shown when he says “And my trouble is I haven’t much time”, so from this you could predict that he is perhaps from a fourth dimension. Nevertheless there are many possibilities of who he really is. Another option to this question could be that his name Goole suggests that he could be supernatural. In addition to this as J.B Priestley played with time and set the play just before the First World War the inspector could have been a spy getting information on the family especially Birling as he is one of the privileged.

The Inspector, arrives immediately after Birling has told Gerald about his impending knight-hood and explained his
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