Classroom Assessment

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Classroom assessments does more than assess learning. What is assess, how it is assessed, and how to communicate the results to the student to send a clear, concise message about what is needed to be learned, the way it is best to be learned, and the expectations on how well the student is to perform. The proper assessment is critical when assessing a student’s abilities and skill set, and then to fairly and objectively grade the student in a non-biased manner. What this paper is intended to do is describe the assessment and grading that best fits the student that is in higher education.
Interpretation of assessments
Classroom assessment is among an instructor’s most essential educational tool. When the assessment is properly
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Grading is an activity that is focused on a goal of ranking students. The highest level of anxiety in university departments is grading, which provokes controversy, disagreement and out and out anger by the student. The art of grading can be viewed as a high stakes activity, where the marks from which the nursing students can use to see their value as learners. Grading is the art of interpreting what the students’ have learned and what the overall performance of the students are. Since grading is considered a high stakes activity, it is a very subjective activity where the interpretation which will rely on the wisdom of grading practices. The art of assessment is a behavior tool that includes an increased level of expertise in interpreting and grading students’ overall performances. Grading should be managed effectively and should include, a clear account of the students about their obligation to keep a photocopy of all papers that is turned in until the grade is achieved for the given unit or completion of the term. Also grading should be kept by the professor as well along with the work submitted to show the completion of the given term. Grading is subjective and objective and always be looked at with a non-biased eye in order to remain equal throughout for each and every student that is being tested and…show more content…
The main goal of these tests is to gauge whether the students have demonstrated a mastery level of skills or set of skills. The end result is generally “pass” or “fail” and has been useful in making resolutions about certifications, licensure and job entry. An example of CRT would be the national board medical examiners. The test taker has the skill set to practice that set of skills in their profession in order to obtain a license to practice. CRT includes directly relevant work that are in line with the learning outcomes in which need to be measured. The goal of the CRT is to acquire a depiction of each student’s specific knowledge and skill sets that is needed to be demonstrated. This information is exceptionally useful for the planning for both group and individual
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