Classroom Case Study

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Human Resources Frame
The Organization This paper will identify one area of focus that the Cherry Creek School District will implement to assist students who have completed their high school graduation requirements, have an IEP, and may still need transition services additional experiences and opportunities to ensure they will be able to reach individual goals and acquire the knowledge and skills needed to access appropriate community resources and agencies. Currently, this program is housed in a cul-de-sac near the CCSD warehouse, after passing the bond and budget increase in 2016, CCSD is planning on moving this high needs program into one of the middle schools by closing off a hallway and providing exterior access to the transition
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Because the Principal at Horizon Middle School has not shared this information with her staff, students and their families, these families cannot make the decision to change schools or raise questions about safety. The community is unaware that there will potentially be upset students wandering their streets and there will be an increase in traffic at additional times during the day. The Transition specialists have not been included in conversations about the remodeling of the wing in the middle school. These teachers have the greatest information about the services they provide and how the space would be best utilized to meet the needs and safety concerns of these students. The chief concern as seen through this lens is the sharing of information and seeking guidance and input from teachers and families.
The Transitions Program Teachers have always performed their responsibilities with limited supervision. The feeling of many of these teachers is concern about the safety of their students, the ease of accessing the building for group outings and learning experiences, and the feeling that their knowledge of what is best for the program is not being considered. These teachers have stated that they are not being included and have felt that this is something that is being done to them and not for them, they do not feel as empowered as they had in the past, which
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