Classroom Climate Is The Focus Of Education Issues

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The investigation about classroom climate is the focus of education issues. Large number of educators are exploring through a variety of disciplinary perspectives and diverse research methods. With the arrival of technology and the ecological trend of educational development, classroom climate is becoming a new perspective and path of classroom study. In the Article Exploring the Relationship between Classroom Climate, Reading Motivation, and Achievement: A Look into 7th Grade Classrooms, the authors Mucherah, Finch, Smith and Ambrose-Stahl (2014) made a research about the interactions between classroom climate, reading motivation and achievement constructs. They found a gap in previous research results. “Is it possible that the classroom climate in the middle school influences student motivation which then impacts achievement?” (Mucherah, Finch, Smith & Ambrose-Stahl, 2014, p.97). Through the literacy review, some of research has shown the relationship between classroom climate and achievement. There were three points from different research. Firstly, teachers effect on their students. Teachers can establish classroom climates by themselves, and they follow their own rules in the classrooms. An organized classroom climate helps students improve their academic achievement. Students’ perceptions of classroom climate also impact on their achievement, and a positive classroom climate can increase student’s grade. The last one is the relationship between students and
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