Classroom Communication Analysis

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When I was 19 I spent 2 months in Turkey on a team of 9 people for a missions trip. One thing we struggled with a lot was being able to effectively communicate with each other. Throughout our time there we began to learn how to better communicate with one another and work together and by the end of our trip we had gotten the hang of what kind of communication worked best. One of the last days we put on a church service and it was amazing to watch how we were all able to listen and delegate work to each other and put on an amazing service. One of the most aspects of collaboration in our team was being able to listen to everyone’s ideas and then be willing to go with the best idea for the team, even if it wasn’t your own. When we were able to listen to one another and effectively communicate with one another it made the collaboration in our group flow better.…show more content…
For example someone who is an auditory learning might prefer to write a speech for a project where as a someone who is a visual would rather make a video. Though neither of these objection are wrong or bad the small difference could hinder the ability to have good collaboration. It is totally possible for both kinds of learners to work together but it requires good communication on both sides. Overall this week has brought me back to see just how important it is to communicate. I think that because in our culture we are being communicated to in so many different ways all the time we can loose sight of real communication. Being able to professionally and effectively tell someone what we need or what is going on is an important skill to have and I have just been reminded of that this
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