Classroom Comprehension : Building Comprehension Skills

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Building Comprehension Skills Brittany Cronin COE 501—Introduction to Research and Evaluation in Education Fall B 2014 Dr. Ray Ostos Building Comprehension Skills Walk into any school and you will hear the word comprehension. Comprehending text is a necessity for all students in all grade levels as well as individuals entering college and beyond. With the launch of the Common Core State Standards, students need to be able to show their comprehension of text numerous ways, and if the students do not have strategies and skills in place to comprehend a text, their future schooling will prove to be most difficult. Each year in my classroom, a number of students do not have any comprehension ability and fall far behind their classmates. Comprehending a text is what real readers do when they are reading. Routledge (2011) states, “Skilled readers are those who actively and automatically construct meaning as they read; they are self-motivated and self-directed; they monitor their own comprehension by questioning, reviewing, revising, and rereading to enhance their overall comprehension.” Students should be able to approach any content area, any article, book, and menu, really anything at all to understand and make meaning of what they are reading. Some students need extra help comprehending text and as educators, instructional strategies should be implemented to help all students succeed. The purpose of this literature review is to name three instructional
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