Classroom Discussions Become More Student Goal And Real World Applicable

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At the beginning of each lesson, students are told the objective of the lesson and what they will be learning. The instructional tasks are modeled for the student tailored to their understanding level. Vocabulary is adjusted to the developmental level of the students. Content is delivered in a clear manner and is broken down and tailored to each student. I use low level questions with my students. It is sometimes difficult to get all students to take part in classroom discussions. I feel that generally the same few students are the ones that raise their hands and provide input into the discussion. I would also like to see classroom discussions become more student lead and real-world applicable. Lessons and instruction is tailored to the needs of the students in the classroom. Concepts are real-life and are taught in a functional way to move students towards a higher level of independence. Student work is different for each student, based on their ability level and personal choices that they make. Assessment is used multiple time throughout a class period. I provide feedback in a timely manner and guide my students in correcting mistakes that are found. Often feedback is provided within the class period and students are able to make corrects before moving on. I will also question my students and encourage them to go back and review their work to determine if they thing there are improvements that can be made. Often students are able to determine ways to

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