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Technology in the classroom can be extremely distracting for the students. Not all the technology in the classroom is distracting but the one that has been distracting for students lately is the iPad. Elementary school children already do not have the attention span to sit in class. Technology is something the students see as fun. They take the iPad and know that there are games to play on it. In one article there was a partnership with 18 schools in Canada and students that were mostly 14 year olds were interviewed (The iPad in education: Uses, benefits, and challenges, 2013). In one of the interviews a student said that “it is hard to concentrate in class” (p. 31) because of the iPads. If iPads already make learning hard for 14 year olds,…show more content…
Sir Peter Blake once said, “New technology is common, new thinking is rare.” Like stated before students are not able to use their creative minds to do the tasks that they are given. Not only that, but the students will forget the basic ways to study. The students by their middle school and high school years will know that there is internet to help them find everything they need. Students do not have to read what is required for their class because they can just find a website that gives a summary of their book. That is not beneficial and because they are not reading the book it is why reading comprehension has gone down (Technology in Schools). The information that students are finding on the internet for their classes is not quality resources. They use what they find because it is quick and easy but their sources may not even be reliable. In Elementary school, the students do not even know how to find these reliable sources or what reliable sources even are. Seventy-six percent of the NWP teachers agree that the search engines automatically make students assume they will find their answers quick and easy (Bhaskar, 2013). Not only will they try to find their sources quick and easy but they will also use spell check. The students will not actually learn how to spell because they will rely on the computer to fix their words for them. This could be a…show more content…
Whether the child is homeschooled or in public school, the use of technology should be limited. The communication between students and teachers are becoming more unprofessional. The students are more distracted in school and technology is less beneficial because it is part of the reason for the distractions. Some parents may support technology in schools as well as teachers but there should be classrooms more geared toward how students will benefit. Teachers need to be aware of the different way students learn and see if technology will reach all their students’ needs. If technology does not reach every student, how can they make it so technology is not the primary source of learning? Technology should not be as prevalent in schools as they already are in America and this wealth needs to be shared with surrounding
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