Classroom Environment : A Better Understanding Of Our Schools And Our Educational System Essay

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Throughout the course of this semester, we have touched on a variety of topics and themes that have allowed me to begin to form a better understanding of the climate of our schools and our educational system today with respect to equity and diversity. Many of the core issues that teachers and students alike are currently facing are rooted outside of the school. As a pre-service teacher, I have truly begun to realize the large impact educators have on their students and school community. With passion being a driving force this profession, we can make a difference in the lives of our students if we are willing to put forth the work it takes to develop a safe and positive classroom environment that fosters learning and growth. As I have looked back through my journal entries and media contributions from the past 12 weeks, the following three ideas seemed to be the common thread connecting most of our weekly readings: background matters (for both students and teachers), relationships are crucial and teachers have a responsibility to honestly (and constantly) reflect and make needed adjustments to their methodologies. This paper will be structured around and focused upon these core matters in an effort to demonstrate their implications for my future classroom and teaching experiences; In exploring these matters, I will ultimately argue that teaching is truly a learning process in and of itself. Background Matters In the first few weeks of the course, we focused on the topic of
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