Classroom Interactions Between Teachers And Students

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Teacher/Student Interactions
Through the course of my observations, I was able to see and analyze the classroom interactions between the teachers and students. Throughout all the visits I made to Mrs. C and Mrs. P class, the students seemed to be engaged with the material and participated in class discussions and activities. There were a few students who would go off topic when working on group projects. Nevertheless, both teachers made sure the students stayed focused and continued to work on their assignments. If students had their cellphones out the teachers would make sure the students put it away, unless if they were using Kahoot to review. Both Mrs. C and Mrs. P were well respected and not interrupted by the students. The students
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For instance, some classroom strengthens were mostly seen in Mrs. C’s and Mrs. P’s World History classes. Both teachers used and incorporated the use of primary sources for the students to analyze. I feel it is very important for students to understand how to analyze primary sources and develop their own interpretations and arguments to what the sources signify. Also, another strength I saw with both Mrs. C and Mrs. P, is that they have a strong passion for teaching. They were both very motivated and passionate to teach. I feel that passion is very important for teachers to have when teaching because students will be motivated to learn and will simply enjoy the class. Finally, another strength both Mrs. C and Mrs. P had was that they both incorporated the use of technology in their classroom. Both teachers allowed their students to use their in-class laptops to work on assignments or simply follow along with the teacher’s lecture through the use of Nearpod. There were also instances where the teachers used fun programs such as Kahoot to review for exam and quizzes, which makes learning more fun for students. The use of technology like this is something I did not have or was exposed to when I was in high school. Now that I am a little aware of these programs, I want to incorporate technology in my future history classes. Thus, both Mrs. C and Mrs. P seemed to
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