Essay on Classroom Leadership: Field Experience Analysis

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Effective leaders and teachers understand how students learn, classroom designs, and teacher strategies enhance student learning. The theoretical underpinnings of successful classroom management stem from many factors to construct a learning environment. Students come into the classrooms, according to Levy (2008), with different personalities, abilities, and learning styles. Educators instruct all learners to meet the standards for their district and state. The observation of school mission will identify values, curriculum, and goals, which guide the mission statement and vision. The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB) is a safety measure implemented by federal government to protect the rights of students in the learning…show more content…
Three computers lined the back wall of the classroom. A book cart filled with bins of books also lined he right side of the back wall. Noise level (hall, air conditioner, etc)-The classroom displayed a noise meter stuck in the front of the board. Excellent poster created by the teacher. The background noise within the room consists of the HVAC equipment and soft sound of classical music. Activities /Standards Material On the whiteboard, a three-part lesson and Georgia Performance Standards (GPS) listed for the concept area. The GPS and elements is paraphrase for the students understanding. In addition, computer rotation for fill-in gap activities. Beginning Instruction Sponge activity is a math warm-up for central tendency (mean, median, and mode). Problem solving for a word problem and expectation require each student to show all work for computation (5-10 minutes). One teacher took attendance and made phone calls, while the other teacher guided the completed sponge activity. Instructional Work Period Structure of lesson, transition between task easy, summary, questions, lecture or class directed by notes, read, or extensive. Instruction is guide by the Essential question (EQ) for the work period. Teacher 1 selected a volunteers to read the EQ, which states
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