Classroom Management : An Effective Teacher

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As a future educator, it is extremely important to prepare for what is in store for each year. Every single class is different, and will bring something different to the table based on the different students in each class. It is extremely important to have a classroom management plan for a group of diverse learners for several reasons. From reading Wong’s book First Days of School, How to be an effective teacher, he states that after doing research in a study reviewing 11,000 pieces of research that spanned 50 years, three researchers determined that there are 28 factors that influence student learning, and the number one factor is classroom management. This is very clear that research backs up how important classroom management is. It is what allows teachers to be effective teachers for their students and are able to keep the students on track. Classroom management also offers organization in the classroom. It refers to all of the things a teacher does to organize students, space, time and materials so that learning can take place (Wong 1998). Without classroom management the entire class would be out of control and very little to no learning would take place. There are several types of strategies that need to take place in the classroom setting. For one, the teachers need preventative, supportive and corrective strategies to implement classroom management. These are all ways to help the classroom run smoothly, and ensure that the teacher is implementing classroom
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