Classroom Management And Discipline Plan

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Classroom Management and Discipline Plan EDPD 4350-70 Spring 2017 Jamie Nall #898216 Mrs. Nall’s 9th Grade Life Science and Biology 1. Introduction • I believe Classroom Management is the key component in any educational setting. I believe that if students are in a safe environment, then learning can take place. This doesn’t necessarily mean punishing behavior problems but rather a combination of setting the tone in a class, preventing behavior problems with interesting and engaging curriculums and effectively including all students in the classroom so that their needs are met. Having the right environment for all students to learn is my major goal of implementing good classroom management--without it the students would not be able to…show more content…
I want to involve students in rules about the classroom as well as what curriculum they would like to study. I believe if students feel they are involved in the workings of the classroom, they will be more motivated to engage in the class and in turn, learn. 2. Procedures and Routines • Beginning class: When the bell rings, students should be in their seats prepared, with a notebook and pencil, ready to begin class or you will receive a tardy. Any special instructions that are needed to start the class will be placed on the projector. The daily task will be on the projector. Students that are tardy for class will need to catch up on missed assignments during their own time. A student is marked truant (unless excused by the office) if they arrive to class more than 3 minutes after the bell rings. • Ending class: The bell is the signal for the teacher to end the class it does not dismiss you. Therefore, you must wait for me to dismiss the class. Until I do so, you are to remain in your seat. Check the floor and desks for garbage and throw it away. Straighten your desks/tables. When I dismiss you, please push in your chair quietly and proceed to your next class. DO NOT CROWD UP AT THE DOOR!!! • Quieting the class and/or getting attentions: An attention signal will be given. When I give the signal you: o Freeze QUIETLY (Voice level ZERO) o Turn and face me; pay attention and keep your eyes on
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