Classroom Management And The Classroom

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Classroom management refers to methods applied by an educator to ensure that students remain organized, attentive, and focused throughout a class in a productive way. Student’s discipline has for a long time been considered as the ultimate measure of a well-managed class which is false since classroom management is dependent on a compound of factors as opposed to a single factor (Cangelosi, 2014). Given that students and teachers spend a considerable amount of time in the classroom, it’s essential that the classroom environment is comfortable for both. In fact, classroom management’s effectiveness is between 80-85% of all students in all districts in the US. Other measures of a well-managed class include student involvement, clarity of expectations, time management, positive classroom environment and discipline as earlier mentioned. However, discipline stands out as the most intrinsic aspect of a well-managed class because all other aspects are only achievable if high discipline is maintained. Classroom discipline is set out through simple procedures such as students raising their hands for a chance to speak to how students treat each other. Discipline can only be cultivated and reinforced through rewards and punishment accordingly. This discussion shall focus on schools on statistics within districts in the state of Florida.
Researchers tip motivation to be the most important factor in improving learning. As of 2015, it was suggested that 40% of students were detached from…
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