Classroom Management And The Classroom

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Classroom Management
Explain the goal of the plan, including the grade level it addresses. Classroom management is important in Pre-K classrooms. The teacher should maintain control in her classroom at all times. One of the most effective interventions in the classroom is the student’s goal. When the goal between the student and the teacher has met a new goal is created. Teacher should set up behavior management instead of punishment in the classroom. Many teachers leave their profession due to lack of knowing how to use the proper management skills. My goal is to introduce a set of rules and follow the routine of the classroom daily. Poor discipline at the beginning of the school year will provide students the opportunity to spin out of control. When I have to stop activities to redirect a student from disruption, it cheats other students from their time of learning. I am consistent with following the rule when they are broken then and not later. The student outs of control are dealt with in a less conspicable way. I do not make a scene in front of the other student. I quietly remove the student from the group and direct him to a quiet time setting and go over the rule and explain why he was removed. The assistant in the classroom continues with the activities so other students would feel comfortable and safe. 3-5 years old student is learning, reasoning and problem solving skills at a rapid pace. Playtime gives students the opportunity to become organized and improve
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