Essay on Classroom Management Discipline

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Classroom Management & Discipline
Emily Rickertsen
EIS 450G: Classroom Management
Dr. Georg Gunzenhauser
Fall 2014

Classroom Management Related to Discipline
Teacher-Student Relationship Student-teacher relationship is a vital role in managing a classroom and discipline. As a teacher, being able to connect with students is a key to academic instructional success; students are more likely to show respect to a teacher if that teacher has a connection with the students. Every teacher is bound to encounter a time when discipline must be used in some way. How is this discipline going to affect the student-teacher relationship? Jong, Mainhard, Tartwijk, Veldman, Verloop, & Wubbels (2013) explored how student-teachers
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This consists of posting, no more than four rules in the classroom and having a list of 6 consequences that build upon one another, beginning with a warning, followed by writing the student’s name on the board, and ending with having a parent come to the school for a parent-teacher conference (Logan, 2003). That discipline technique was aimed at middle and high school students; the author also suggests a similar technique for elementary age students. “Watch the Signs!” is a discipline program that utilized color-coded paper for each student to signal the students behavior: green= satisfactory, blue= needs to improve, yellow=needs to improve, red= unsatisfactory (Logan, 2003, p. 16-17). Each color, with the exception of green, also has a repercussion ranging from a 10 minute time-out to a phone call to a parent to an out of classroom timeout (Logan, 2003). A large part of having an effective classroom and discipline program is communicating the classroom expectation early and clearly. Along with the expectations, communicating the consequences for misbehavior to all students. By having clear consequences for students, there is no question that by doing behavior X, the student will be held accountable and be disciplined by consequence Y. I agree with the framework that Logan did with the discipline programs in this article. I would change some of the consequence progressions in some of the examples provided
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