Classroom Management Essay

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Classroom management plays an important role in effective teaching by providing a desirable environment which promotes better learning and student growth. The most important effect that classroom management has on student behavior is that it promotes better learning because students can better focus when their environment is free from distraction and conflict. When a teacher provides a well-organized and controlled environment, student’s academics interest and performance increase while behavioral issues decreased (Pope, 2010). One classroom management technique I plan to use in my future classroom setting will include the use of cooperative learning. According to Maher (2010), cooperation learning leads to higher group and
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Other methods I plan to use to evaluate student performance will include the use of observation logs, checklists, questionnaires, and self-efficacy scales. These methods will help me to keep track of students working cooperatively, students sharing strategies, actively listening to other group members, and class work being finished by the end of the hour (Maher, 2010).
Data Collection
I will collect data by using a teacher observation log to track small group interaction as students work together on a given task. Collection will be in three areas; they will be in student achievement, motivation, and attitudes toward jigsaw learning in class activities. They will follow in: grades, student questionnaire, checklists, observation logs and self-efficacy scales. Student Questionnaire will determine students’ opinions about working with partners (Maher, 2010). Observation logs will be used to record observations of students’ attitudes and to record feedback from class activities. On the questionnaire there will be ten questions about jigsaw learning and about the activity. Students will be asked to respond by answering yes, no, or sometimes. A checklist will be used to establish the presence of on-task behavior and participation of the students during class activities. A self-efficacy survey will also be used to determine whether students feel that
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