Classroom Management Is The Most Important Responsibility I Will Have As A Teacher

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Classroom management is probably the most important responsibility I will have as a teacher. Without a comprehensive plan I cannot ensure that my students will have a welcoming, safe, and nurturing environment or that they will reap the full benefits of their education. With this in mind, I believe that the students also have a responsibility to create a classroom environment that works best for them and their peers. To make this happen we will have to work together as a cohesive unit and come up with a plan that will suit our individual personalities as well as our interpersonal group dynamic. My role as the teacher is to guide my students through this process and it all begins on the very first day of school.

At the beginning of the year, I will already have made some important choices well before any student enters my door. These decisions will help to develop classroom procedures and routines that I would like to put in place for organizational and time management purposes. The first piece of the puzzle is my classroom layout and design. I have chosen to use a modified blended learning model where students will rotate between whole group instruction, group work, and online learning. This is the basis for my classroom layout which will include an area for whole group instruction as well as separate areas for independent learning.

The whole group instruction area in the front of the room will have desks laid out in a horseshoe shape and space in…
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