Essay about Classroom Management

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Decades ago, a world – renown educational philosopher, Harry K. Wong defined classroom management as, “the practises and procedures that allow teachers to teach and students to learn” (Starr, 2005). Harry K. Wong also describes that classroom managements is something that refers to all of the necessary things that a teacher does to organize students, space, time, and materials so that learning can occur efficiently. This management includes fostering students’ full participation, plus their overall commitment and contribution in the productive classroom activities that are being carried out in the active working environment. Becoming a skilled and talented skilled classroom manager and facilitator allows a teacher to be adequately prepared…show more content…
Through this, we can view that, in order to control students’ behaviour and discipline problems, teachers need to come out with alternative plans of strategies, techniques and approaches in accordance with all the theories and models such as B.F Skinner Modification Approach, William Glasser’s Choice Theory and Quality Schools, Jacob Kounin’s Instructional / Cluster Management, Dreikurs Model of Logical Consequences and finally Canter Model’s of Assertive Discipline in Malaysian context of current education system, so as good quality trade of students can be produced in future. Therefore, in this essay, we will see the 2 different scenarios of problems facing by both teachers in handling students discipline problems, discuss on the effectiveness of discipline strategies used by the teachers with arguments referring to the models and finally suggest ways on how the teachers can overcome the problems based on theories and models. First and foremost, through viewing the two different scenarios of the cases above, Ms. Anita is a new teacher been posted into a suburban school area. As we all know, urban areas usually depict the lives of highly luxurious people whose mostly at times, will send their children to school with higher expectations, yet the children due to their parents’ backgrounds and current live styles will create disruptive behaviours and havoc in schools, as
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