Classroom Management Pl Philosophy And Theory

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Classroom Management Plan: Philosophy and Theory
1. Introduction
For effective teaching and learning, classroom management is very important because it ensures that learning occurs smoothly. If the teacher does not manage his or her classroom well, delivery of the subject material can fail. The teacher must, therefore, have a clear plan for ensuring that the discipline is maintained and disruptive behavior is dealt with appropriately. A good classroom management plan secures that the teacher controls the class. It also helps in addressing the issue of burnout, which affects many teachers (McDonald, 2013). The aim of this paper is to describe the philosophy and theory that the author would use to ensure that the classroom is well managed.
a) The nature/needs of Young People Young people are usually restive and very active with a lot of curiosity to learn new things. They are not able to sit at the same place doing the same thing for a long period. Moreover, they cannot concentrate on one activity for too long. They are easily swayed by peer influence and. as a result, they should be kept safe from negative group influence. They do not only need an environment where they can satisfy curiosity to learn, but they also need support for social, emotional, as well as behavioral development (Bennett & Smilanich, 1994). In addition, young people need support in order for them to build a positive identity, self-image, and a strong self-esteem.
b) The Role of a Teacher
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