Classroom Management Plan For A Classroom

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Classroom Management Plan Before school starts teachers are responsible for organizing plans for how the school year will go. One of the biggest things teachers need to consider is classroom management. Those first few days of school are crucial. The first few days are important to build strong healthy relationships. During this time teachers will be trying to build relationships with each student, while each student is trying to build relationships with their peers. As teachers it is our job to help promote healthy relationships. Team building exercises allow students to build solid relationships with peers in their class, these relationships will be important as the school year continues. Team building exercising may seem pointless, but they provide a time to set a foundation for student’s relationship. This foundation will help with classroom management. During the first few weeks of school teachers need to lay the foundations of behavior expectations. Teachers should go over the expectations with the students, and as a class discuss and make the classroom expectations. Creating a democratic classroom is important and having students create the expectations will allow them to become part of the classroom. As teachers going over expectations is crucial for team building exercises, class meetings, transitions, and lessons. The first day of class as I look at my students I immediately have to establish expectations because students will take advantage if there is no

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